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13 October 2013

Sunday Spotlight on Donors Choose projects: Let Our Little Light Shine!

Teachers give so much to their students:  knowledge, time, patience, an ear, a hug, and needed supplies (many times purchased out of pocket).  Donors Choose is a wonderful organization where teachers can create projects based on what their students need (anything from basic supplies to books to a new rug to technology) and then open the project up for people to make donations.

Each week, I'll be highlighting a different class and their Donor's Choose project, with the hopes that you would donate---even $5 goes a long way.

If you would like your own Donors Choose project featured, please contact me (email or twitter).

Today's Donors Choose project comes to us from the technology teacher at my school, Ms. Staton.
Classroom Photo
She writes: 
My students are eager to jump into the next generation of technology learners. The only thing holding them back is the lack of technology in our school. How can I possibly prepare them for careers and college if I don't have the equipment needed?
I teach in a wonderful rural school with over 650 PreK-5 students. They are extremely bright and they love coming to school. Although they have the drive, I do not always have the money to support their dreams. More than half of these students receive free lunch. I am very reluctant to ask their parents to help me out with this project. The school is able to provide books but technology is harder to get.
With this amazing LCD projector, they will be able to share their PowerPoints, Prezi presentations, iMovies, puppet shows, digital stories, and all of their research. This projector will allow all of the students to share their projects and give them the voice that they sometimes do not have in the regular classroom. We will also be able to share our projects globally with schools across the United States and the world.
I am so excited about the possibility of this being funded. In fact- I am going to go ahead and just decide that it WILL be funded. Will you be the generous donor that does this for my students? Thank you, in advance, for considering our classroom project. I promise that I will be a good steward of this gift and share it with all who pass through my classroom.

To donate, please click here.

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