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04 October 2013

Fun Friday: PicMonkey Tutorial

Fun Friday is something that I'd like to start doing where I could post about anything!  Helpful classroom apps, parental involvement things, technology tips and tutorials, Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers finds and just anything that doesn't fit into another day!

If there is ever a technology tutorial that you'd like, please let me know, I'll do my best to make one!  

Today's tip is how to use PicMonkey.  (I made this cute little graphic above using it.)  PicMonkey is a free (unless you'd like to upgrade so you can get premium graphics and fonts) online photo editor / collage maker, that also has premade backgrounds you can use to make graphics like the one above.

The photo editing part is pretty easy and self explanatory, but to make a graphic, I had to think a little.  I didn't want to use an image that I had found via an image search.  I didn't want to use a stock photo (I don't like the free ones and I'm not going to pay for a picture).

I'm going to try and record a video of the steps you'd take to make a graphic.  Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions!  I'd love to hear them all!  Background music courtesy of I Heart Radio, the All Beatles and Rolling Stones station.

*candy corn, not cotton candy!  Duh!  One is delicious spun sugar, and the other is disgusting sugar nuggets...

And here is a better look at the pic I created!

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