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21 July 2013

15 day book blogging challenge: Intro

You may have noticed that I've been a little absent.  It's not that I'm too busy.  It's not that I'm not reading.  I just don't feel like blogging!  Blogging is hard work sometimes; thinking of legit reasons why you did or did not like a book (more than just IT"S SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Side note, I hate when blogs do that, so I don't want to be like that!)

But let's get back on track.  I've been absent from the blog.  So when I saw April from Good Books and Good Wine's tweet about a 15 day book blogger challenge, I was intrigued.  But then Andi from Andi's ABC's and I talked and decided to do it together!

We picked these next 15 days to post because it's before Andi goes on a cruise (jealous) and before I start back to school!  I'm so not ready for school yet, it seems like I just started my summer break!
In Michigan the supplies were at the ready BEFORE the 4th of July!  Seriously, by the time school really gets here, the Christmas trees will be out. We didn't even have a real 90 degree summer day at that point.
(You guys know I love my kiddos, but come on Target and Walmart!  Enough already!  Before you know it, they'll be putting out supplies / having the mega sales before school is even over in June!)

Tomorrow starts our foray into the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.  I hope you join us!

Below is a list of daily topics...

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