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29 May 2013

ArmchairBEA: Blogger Development & Genre Fiction

Design credit: Emily of Emily's Reading Room
Today, we're talking about how we developed ourselves as bloggers and then our favorite genre of fiction.  Sounds easy right?  Yeah, it's probably one of my hardest! 

It's hard for me because I don't think of myself as any sort of "authority" on blogging and don't really feel comfortable giving development advice.  I do what I do to share the love of books and reading, and as an outlet for all the great books I've read. 

But, I guess the two big bloggy things I've done is being a Cybils judge and I also blog on .  I've also blogged at Nerdy Book Club, which was pretty cool :)

I never thought I'd say this, like EVER, but I think my favorite genre of fiction is fantasy.  I mean, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson...hello!  Other favorites are: dystopian, steampunk (which is fantasy, I guess), and historical fiction.  But, as a reader, I've always been on kicks or phases.  I've been through a historical fiction phase, a romance phase, a murder mystery phase, a mobster phase, a contemporary phase.  But, the genre that has my favorite books is fantasy. 


  1. I know what you mean about not feeling like an authority on blogging. I've only been at it for 6 months so i don't really have a lot of advice to give. But i do enjoy reading what others have to say.

  2. Yay - another person converted to fantasy! Welcome :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  3. I have no idea what I am doing while blogging but I am having fun and that's all that matters!!!


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