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23 April 2013


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This year, I have the pleasure of giving out MIDDLE SCHOOL: THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE by James Patterson.

I chose to give my books away at the school I work at.  We have 5 fifth grade teachers, and I asked each one to nominate 4 students who are reluctant readers (not necessarily those you see in the library every morning or walking down the hall reading).

I went on the morning announcements today, spoke a little about what World Book Night was and what the organization did, that if they weren't chosen that there were copies in the library for check out, and then announced the nominated students.  I asked them to meet me at my room when announcements were over, but by the time I got to my room, there were 19 kids (one was sick) looking like they were going to riot if they didn't get their book soon!
They were so excited!  I had printed out bookmarks for them and the letter page for them to write the World Book Night people when they were finished---I hope some get sent!

About 11:40 this morning, I passed one of the girls I gave a book to and she told me she loved it and was already on chapter 6.  The boy sitting next to her goes, "I wish I had gotten chosen."

After lunch, another group passed me, their teacher told me they were reading it during reading group time, that she loved the characterization, and one of the boys in the group yelled out that he "LOVED IT!"

I love elementary school students and their enthusiasm.  I hope I get chosen again as a giver next year, and can hand out books at my school again.  

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