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02 April 2013

1st quarter goal check in

I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick check in and let you know how my 2013 goal of reading 175 books and 10,000 pages was going.

In 3 months, I've read 32 books and 7,606 pages.  That's an average of 245 pages per book. 

SERIOUSLY!!?!?!?!?!??!!  I'm totally going to make my pages goal, which I thought was going to be the harder of the two. 

And, lets just estimate, if I read the same number of books each quarter (32x4), I can estimate that I'll read 128 books this year.  BUT, lets take summer into consideration.  I won't have anything hindering my reading time.  PLUS, I'll have Virginia Reader's Choice books to read.  So, I think I can read those pesky 47 books that I could potentially be behind.

I'm keeping track of the books and pages I've read under the "BOOKS READ" tab.  

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  1. You're doing excellent. My goal is to read 200 books this year-I'm at 40 which I think puts me around 10 books behind the last time I looked. Which was tonight. :)



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