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23 March 2013

If I had $100

Inspired by Andi, of Andi's ABC's (Accessories, Books and Clothes) post, Monopoly Money Monday (and a Barenaked Ladies song), I thought, "What if I had $100 to spend?  What books or bookish things would I buy?"

I'm going to try to make this a weekly post, usually on Saturdays, because, let's face it, I can spend $100 on books/bookish things REALLY quickly and easily!  And, if I go over, there's always next Saturday!

Of course, there are no shipping charges or tax.  It's my fantasy money, and I've decided!  

Clicking on the image *should* take you directly to that link.  Unless its noted, that site is amazon.

I was looking through my classroom books, and ok, I have a lot for kids to check out, but I also like to showcase specific theme books (ie, at Christmas I like to put out my Christmas books, or right now, I have a lot of biographies on display).  I realized, I don't have very many spring books.  So, because of that (and because even though it's spring, it's supposed to snow tomorrow), I'm dedicating my $100 to "buying" spring themed books for my classroom.







This only comes to $68.82, which means I have $31.18 left to spend.  I can't think of any more spring themed books!  I'd like your suggestions of your favorite spring book that I can spend my fake money on! 


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