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18 January 2013

{Friday Night Mental Movie}: Graceling

It's been a long time since I've posted a Friday Night Mental Movie.  In a #FNMM, I share who I'd cast in the movie version of a book that I've recently read.

Today's #FNMM is of GRACELING by Kristin Cashore.  There are so many characters in this book, that I'm only going to cast Katsa, Po, Bitterblue, Leck and Giddon.
As Katsa, Isabelle Fuhrman.  She's young looking, but she has that Katsa quality. 
As Po, Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones).
As Bitterblue, Bailee Madison.  She just seems to have that quiet presence and calm that Bitterblue possesses.
As Leck, Jason Isaacs.  He can play the creeper well, don't you think?

*please note that all images come from a google search*

What are you reading, and who would you cast?


  1. I like your picks for all of the but Katsa. I pictured her older and a stronger female.

  2. I honestly pictured her as "Lady Mary" from Downton Abbey, but she's too old! So, I had to go to my next strong female :)


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