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17 January 2013

{Deep Thoughts}:BITTERBLUE by Kristin Cashore

I did a review of Bitterblue last May when it first came out, but today I'd like to focus more on my "deep thoughts", or things that popped in my head as I was reading.

~I pronounce the aide, Runnemood's name as "Ruin-mood".  It fits 'cause he's kind of a buzzkill.

~I'm pretty sure I would have either fired those aides when I reached 18 (when I was little more competent), or at least given them a piece of my mind and let them know where I stood on things, rather than let them walk all over me like Bitterblue does (in the beginning).

~I haven't finished the book yet.  Drat.

~If Bitterblue is being forced to marry, why not marry Giddon?  He'd be a good match.

~I had forgotten about Hava.  It makes me happy.

~I'm really glad that Kristin Cashore left a lot of Leck's atrocities to my overactive imagination.  The little tidbits here and there just serve to create a bigger monster in my head.  

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