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20 December 2012

Thursday #thirstday

Thursday is now #Thirstday !  Hosted by David Etkin of Eat The Book you just post a picture of a book and a beverage you're drinking.

I've given up on the blogger app for this post.  I think it works well for posts that you are writing at that moment, but not for those that you have saved and want to add to later.  I'll be honest, I copy the picture and opening paragraph from week to week, and then add my picture.  This app doesn't allow me to do that.  So...back to plan A.

Anyway, I'm drinking dark chocolate hot chocolate from my cool snowflake travel mug, finishing up Fake Mustache and starting to read Dash and Lily's Book of Dares (see Sunday's 25 Day's of Holiday Book Reviews...I HAD to read it!)  

What are you reading (and drinking)?

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