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16 October 2012

Trying a new thing...Quick Checks

I'm a bad blogger.  I don't always write a review for every book I've read.  Or, (I hate to admit), I start another book right away, and kind of forget what happened in the first book, which makes writing a review really really hard! 

So, I decided to do "Quick Checks" on some books. 

In my classroom, a quick check is just that, I'm checking in on a student, whether on fluency, comprehension or math, just to see where they are, and what we need to work on.  I need to quickly know what to work on next. 

Well, I figured that a Quick Check review on my blog would just be a short, simple review.  If I liked it or not, maybe some reasons why, but mainly just what I felt about it. 

This way, even though I'm not writing these huge long reviews on every book, every book I read is getting a mention.  So, from here on out, if a post is labeled "Review", it'll be more in depth; if it's labeled "Quick Check", its short and sweet.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I don't review everything I read either...I get burned out otherwise! I've been toying with doing a sentence or two "review" on those books, but haven't really thought it out yet.

    Can't wait to see how it works for you!


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