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11 October 2012

Jim Dale = awesome

I could listen to Jim Dale read the phone book.  He has an amazing voice!  He is the reason that I like audiobooks.  I still would have liked listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, but his voice (and the different voices that he does) really makes the audiobook experience so much better.

So, as I am nearing the end of my Harry Potter listening experience (I'm on Book 7, you guys!), I thought---what am I going to listen to now?!?!?!  And, remembering the awesomeness that is Jim Dale, decided to look up what other books he has narrated.

I decided that I'm going to at least try to listen to all the books he has narrated.  I've already finished 6 of the 7 Harry Potters, and some of The Night Circus (it wasn't his narrating that made me quit the book!).

Here is the list of books Jim Dale has narrated (from his website)
 "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" 
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone"
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" 
"Harry Potter and the the Half Blood Prince"
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
"A Christmas Carol".
"Peter and the Starcatchers"
"Peter and the Shadow Thieves"
"Peter and the Secret of Muldoon"
"Peter and the Sword of Mercy"
"Around the World in Eighty Days"
"King of Shadows"
"Peter Pan"
"Escape From the Carnivale"
"Arthur and the Minimoys"
"Arthur and the Forbidden City"
"A Day With Wilbur Robinson"
"Twas the Night Before Christmas"
"Alice in Wonderland"
"Peter and the Wolf"
"James Herriot's Treasury For Children"
"The Shoe Bird"
"Return to the Hundred Acre Wood"
"The Boy With the Cuckoo Clock Heart"
"The Emerald Atlas"
"The Night Circus"

 I'm obviously going to have to be strategic in my listening and get A Christmas Carol and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas back to back.  And as soon as I finish HP 7!   

My commute is going to be so awesome! 


  1. What a great list! I love Jim Dale, too. He is awesome.

  2. My family and I loved listening to the Harry Potter series in the car while road tripping. Jim Dale does amazing work!


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