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29 October 2012

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

Because I'm off (already one day more than I had off last winter), and because I know people are wondering about how people are fairing during Sandy, I thought I'd do a post (and keep updating it throughout the day) with how things are looking here in Harrisonburg.

First, Harrisonburg is located about 2 1/2 hours southwest of Washington DC (take 66 west to 81 south).  We're about 4 hours west of Virginia Beach/Norfolk/etc.

look towards West Virginia, then go down the blue interstate line to find Harrisonburg

Please note that even though the light is green, I was not actually going at the time.  I was stopped and it had just turned when I snapped this pic.
This is at 10am, on my way home from the gym.  Nobody was on the roads.  Its rainy, about 42 degrees, and wind is light.  You can barely see the mountains in the distance.  We're not scheduled to really feel the brunt of the storm until later tonight/tomorrow.  They are calling for snow in higher elevations (I can only hope I'm in a higher elevation!)

I'll try to update every two hours.  Stay tuned....

12:30:  My hurricane reads...
but, I just found Dr. Who on Netflix, and I've always wanted to we'll see :)

2:30:  just got a email saying we're closed tomorrow too.  Then got an emergency alert on my phone (never happened before, must be those new fangled iPhones), that sounded just like one on the tv.  It said we were under blizzard conditions until sometime tomorrow.  Meanwhile, this is me...


  1. Didn't realize you were in Harrisonburg! I went to JMU and have been up for several of the JMU games (I have season tickets!) I live in New Kent (between Williamsburg and Richmond). I love Harrisonburg! :) Have fun and hope you don't get too much snow!!!!

  2. Thanks! I went to JMU, too! (graduated in 2004). This morning they were saying snow only in the higher elevations (like West Virginia)..but then I got the alert! You guys stay dry :)


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