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03 October 2012

{10/3} my #schooljoy

Talk about teachable moments, y'all.  Today, my friend's butterfly hatched. 

She has that mesh bag thing that it can grow in hanging in the hall so everyone can see as they pass, and a countdown going (13 days).  Well, it hatched right before I picked up my 4th grade group, so as we passed it, we had to ooh and ahh. 

I knew that would be all we'd talk about in group, so I used it to my advantage---we wrote about what we had observed in previous days, the butterfly life cycle or why we knew it would hatch today.  We also named it.  After many minutes of fighting, and some quick thinking on my part, we "decided" to use everyone's suggestions in the name. 

Introducing Queen Strawberry Polkadots the Butterfly

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