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14 September 2012

Using Pinterest at School {Technology Ideas}

This week, I thought I'd share my Technology board.  Its mainly pins for various iPod and iPad apps.

Here are my "nifty 9" (as I only had 9 pins on my board at the time of writing this), in no particular order:
9.  iPads in ESL (ok, this one is my fav)
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

8.  Only 1 iPad in your room?  Click this link....

7.  Lesson that incorporates iPad, twitter, skype, and story buddy.

6.  A database of over 500 free apps

5.  App collection
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

4.  Teacher apps!

3.  Back to school apps
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

2.  Weekly iPad resources

1.  Georgraphy and History apps

I hope you enjoys these pins. Please feel free to check out my other pinterest boards and follow them if you like :)

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  1. You make a thoughtful case about how technology can enhance the good works of early childhood educators. I look forward to hearing more about how EC educators are connecting and sharing through technology. Thanks!
    digital inspiration


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