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13 September 2012

{9/13} my #schooljoy

My #schooljoy for today kind of made the other ESL teacher get a little misty when I told her.  There is a student on her caseload that has some issues.  Deep down, a good boy with a great sense of humor, but that often gets overlooked because of his behavior and academic concerns.  But anyway, today's story is about him...we'll call him X.

I was behind X in the tray line after breakfast this morning (I go and sit with a buddy of mine every morning to make sure that he gets breakfast).  In front of X was a little kindergarten girl---a newbie.  X says very kindly to her (in Spanish), "Why didn't you eat this morning?"
She says, "I wasn't hungry."
X, "Ok, but tomorrow make sure you eat.  And, you didn't drink your juice.  You can give that to the pre-k class.  Put it here."

Y'all....he took this little girl under his wing and made sure everything was ok.  It was just the sweetest conversation from such an unexpected source.  

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