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06 September 2012

{9/6} my #schooljoy

My #schooljoy for today was when a student asked to come to my room and read with me.  Granted, she may have been asking it because she wanted an M&M (which I keep by my door), but ASKING to read to someone is big! 

I started reading WONDER by RJ Palacio with my 4th graders today.  'nuff said. 

Another #schooljoy was after our beginning of school fire drill today, I was walking my "men" (my two 3rd grade boys) back in, they started talking about how hot it was and how much they wanted to walk beside me.  Turns out it wasn't because I'm awesome, it was because I'm taller than they are and therefore created shade for them to walk in.  <3 my men :)


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