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11 July 2012

Books on Vacation: Home Sweet Home

image via google image search, text by me

I know this is supposed to be "Books on Vacation", but I wanted to feature some books that were set around where I live (Harrisonburg, VA and the Shenandoah Valley).

Upper Elementary / MG:
-Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder (not the naughty book, but rather a historical fiction set right around the time of the Civil War and takes place near Winchester, VA)
-Ghost Cadet by Elaine Marie Alphin.  This is actually set in the town where many of my students live (New Market).  It is a fantasy, where a boy who is visiting his grandmother in New Market meets the ghost of a boy who fought in the Battle of New Market in the Civil War.  The ghost has some unfinished business and needs the boy to help him.

Other upper elementary books set in Virginia:
-Bridge to Terebithia by Katherine Patterson
-The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Patterson
-Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry (though that's on the complete other side of the state from me!)

I also heard somewhere that the new Maggie Stiefvater book (The Raven Boys) is set in Virginia, though I'm not 100% sure.

Do you know of any other books set in Virginia?

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