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04 July 2012

Books on Vacation: Canada

image via google image search, text by me!
In an upcoming edition of Books on Vacation, I *try* to create a list of books set in or around Calgary.  Its a small list as I couldn't find very many books set in or around Calgary.  So, I decided to make a "Canadian Edition" and feature books set in Western Canada (specifically British Columbia, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Alberta...but not Calgary, since you'll see that list on the 6th).  As always, this is by no means a complete list, I just wanted to feature some books from where we were visiting. 

Hope you enjoy this list of books children's to YA books set in Western Canada:  
*A Time for Courage by Dorothy Joan Harris
*Vancouver Nightmare by Eric Wilson
*What's a Daring Detective Like Me Doing In The Doghouse by Linda Bailey (and several alliterative others)
*Vancouver: Gateway to the Pacific by Jill Foran

Y'all, this was hard!  I'm sure I left some great ones off the list, so if you know of any, leave the title and author in the comments section.  I'll be more than happy to add it to the list and credit you!  

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