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30 March 2012

Audiobook review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Let's get one thing straight---I LOVE HARRY POTTER!  I love the books, I love the movies.  I just love it.  I do and I'm not ashamed of it. 

Ok then...

I got the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from my public library and listened to it on my commute to and from work every day (all in all 40-50 minutes daily).  I had heard that Jim Dale did a great job narrating, but I was a little leary going in to it.  Yes, I love Jim Dale's voice---he was the narrator for a TV show I enjoyed, Pushing Daisies (still sad that it was cancelled).  But, since I had already read it "in my voice", I wasn't sure if I would like it with someone else's voice. 

Yeah, it took about 10 minutes for me to get over that.  Jim Dale was great, and it became another thing for me to love about Harry Potter.

I'm now listening to book 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and loving it. 

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