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26 December 2011

Seasons Readings: Kwanzaa by Deborah M. Newton Chocolate

I admit, I don't know that much about Kwanzaa.  I also thought that my students wouldn't either and wanted to share another culture and holiday with them.  I found Kwanzaa, by Deborah M. Newton Chocolate, in our school library.
Here is the summary from Goodreads:
These beautifully illustrated, multicultural books teach children about the holidays and why we celebrate them. In addition to telling a good story, each colorful book contains songs, poems, crafts, recipes, fingerplays, and other activities that can be used during classtime.

Wow!  It was a lot of great information packed into a small book!  The book followed a boy and his family as they celebrated Kwanzaa.  

I was disappointed in that the book didn't contain songs, poems, crafts, recipes, fingerplays and other activities like it said it would in the summary, but it was a really good story.  I also would have liked a glossary with a pronunciation guide, but that's just the teacher in me, I like having that resource available.  

All in all, its a great book to include in your multicultural holidays collection.
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  1. An insightful blog on Kwanzaa.Best wishes for your future posts. Asante sana.


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