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05 December 2011

Review: Once There Was a Christmas Tree

I initially bought this book by Jerry Smath at the local Book Fair because the front cover is a gel snowglobe.  I couldn't resist!  But, once I read it, I couldn't get over how sweet the story was.

Here is the summary from Goodreads:
When Mr. and Mrs. Bear find that their extra-big Christmas tree won't fit in their house, they cut off the top half and share it with Mr. Fox and his son saying, "We took our tree and made it two. One half for us, one half for you. " The Foxes love their new tree, but then they remember Old Rabbit, who lives alone. So the Foxes give half of their tree to Old Rabbit. And in turn, Old Rabbit gives part of his tree to a mouse family. The cover of the book features a fabulous, tree-shaped gel pouch filled with sparkly, festive glitter and foil bells, stars, and more.

I just loved that this book was about sharing and caring for others.  In the busy holiday season, a time when the gimme-gimme's run rampant, thinking of others is often forgotten.  Had those people who bit and pepper sprayed others at Black Friday sales just to save 15% on a video game thought of others a little harder, those horrible things could have been avoided. 

Also, if you're really good, you could totally use this book to teach fractions (at least 1/2 to 1/4 to 1/8th and so on).  

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