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18 November 2011

Review: Fly Guy vs. The Flyswatter! by Tedd Arnold

"A boy had a pet fly.  He named him Fly Guy.  And the Fly Guy could say the boy's name---"BUZZ!"" pg 1.

The 10th book in the Fly Guy series, Fly Guy vs. The Flyswatter offers the same humor, short chapters, easy words and fun illustrations as the other nine Fly Guy books.

Here is the summary from Goodreads:
A hilarious new Fly Guy adventure — when Fly Guy joins Buzz's class on a trip to a flyswatter factory, it's the "best field trip ever!"
When Fly Guy goes to school with Buzz, they learn that his class is taking a field trip to a flyswatter factory! BAD NEWZZ! Fly Guy tries to hide in Buzz's pocket, but when the tour guide starts insulting flies, Buzz cannot help but stick his head out. A robotic flyswatter named the Super Swatter detects Fly Guy, and Fly Guy causes a hilarious ruckus in his efforts to escape.
At the end of this zany adventure, the flyswatter factory announces an end to its factory tours and the students use their free flyswatters as art to celebrate the "best field trip ever!"

I'm a huge fan of the Fly Guy series.  The books are cute and funny, Buzz and Fly Guy are great friends and nice to people, the words are easy AND there are chapters!  This installment teaches us to be brave and help those who might not be able to help themselves.

These books are perpetually popular in my classroom---I always have at least one checked out.  For those wondering, Fly Guy's are usually a late first grade/early second grade reading level, but I have 5th graders checking these books out.  I can't wait to get my own copy for my classroom. 

Nominated in the Easy Reader Category by Laura Wadley  

*The opinions expressed in this review are mine and not that of the judging panel.*

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