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14 November 2011

Introducing....Seasons Readings Challenge

Hi Friends,
Today I'd like to take a minute to introduce a challenge that I'm hosting for the month of December.  I wanted to float the idea past you before it starts, so you have time to collect your books (and thoughts).

I love Christmas and other winter holiday books.  They are always so uplifting and happy.  I counted the other day, and just in my possession alone, I have 25 books.  I usually borrow more from the library.  So because of that, the Seasons Readings Holiday Book Challenge was born.

I'm going to read a holiday book every day for the month of December and post a review, and I'd love for you to join me!  Now, you don't have to post one every single day, once is enough, but the more the merrier!

Starting December 1st and running through the 31st (so we don't leave out New Year's books), I'll have a linky (in the December 1st "official" post, and an easy to find link over to the side --->) for you to link your reviews.  Please take a moment to look at other people's books and reviews to build your own holiday library.

Please feel free to right click and borrow the logo above (if you need the html, let me know and I can try to figure that out).  Share with your friends and tweet out about it...maybe something like "I joined the Seasons Readings Challenge hosted by @maestra_amanda.  Go to for more details" (link will appear shortened, I checked!)


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