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23 May 2011

Who I am, and Why do I Armchair?

Book Expo America is happening in NYC right now, and if you didn't know, BEA is apparently the most awesome of awesome book events to go to.  Unfortunately, some people (like me) can't make it, and so Armchair BEA was created (follow @ArmchairBEA on twitter or for more details and updates.

Not only is BEA a great way to meet authors and publishers, but its also a great way to meet other book bloggers.  The Armchair BEA committee has created different events throughout the week for those of us who cannot attend BEA to participate and network, too.

The first of such events is today's posting, "Who I am, and Why do I Armchair?"

Well, the why do I Armchair part is the easy part of this post.  I am Armchairing this year because BEA falls right in the middle of our state standardized testing window and I didn't think that I should miss school.  Now, that being said, if I can work it out for next year, I'm totally there. 

Ok, who am I?  Well, instead of typing up my resume or doing the standard blurb, I thought I'd make a list (I love lists) of the top 50 fun facts about me.  Here goes:

1.  I like the color pink.
2.  I cry over everything.
3.  My Ipad's name is Charlie MaSheen....cause its a winner
4.  My husband doesn't think I'll get 50 fun facts, but I will certainly try.
5.  Don't talk to me during Glee.  Ever.  I will punchasize your face.
6.  I am a national level female flowboarding competitor.  Don't know what flowboarding is?  Visit here.  My husband is a national winner in bodyboarding, I ride standup (and I'm not a national winner, just competitor!)
7.   My standup flowboard has a Glee sticker on it. 
8.  I was in 4-H for 10 years, during which I was on a horse judging team and co-chair of the Jr. Homemaking canning section at the county fair.
9.  I have my mother in law's award winning cheesecake recipe.  My husband wouldn't let her give me the recipe until we were married.
10.  My husband and I are driving crosscountry this August to see friends, visit touristy spots, and of course, flowboard.
11.  My husband and I met at a party.  He dated my college roommate while they were both in high school.
12.  I think that the DVR is the greatest invention known to man, except for
13.  Nutella.  I think I could eat it on everything.
14.  I'm scared of the dark.
15.  I hate vacuuming.
16.  I would like to teach on a Native American reservation.
17.  Up until 2 years ago, the farthest west I've ever been has been Chicago, Illinois.
18.  My favorite movie in the ENTIRE world is Disney's version of "Robin Hood".  I can quote it.
19.  My dog's breath will kill you.
20.  I watch WWE wrestling every Monday and Friday nights.  I've even seen a live show.  7 years ago, I would not have said that.
21.  I'm still sad that ABC cancelled the show "Pushing Daisies" like 4 years ago.
22.  We bought our dog (he of the horrific breath) at a flea market on the Wisconsin/Illinois line called "7 mile".
23.  I'm working on my master's in reading education.
24.  I'm a member of the Virginia Reader's Choice committee.
25.  I like photography and taking photos.
26.  I love my students and would do just about anything for them.
27.  I like baseball.  My two favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Milwaukee Brewers.
28.  I played softball for 9 years.
29.  During those 9 years, Geena Davis' character in "A League of their Own" was my hero.
30.  I broke my jaw playing softball two days before my 15th birthday.
31.  My favorite sweet is a Mexican candy bar called "Bubu Lubu".
32.  I don't "get" subtlety.
33.  I usually fall asleep around 10.  Even if people are over.
34.  I teach grades 3-5 English Language Learners.
35.  Previously, I taught bilingual pre-k outside of Chicago, Illinois.  It was there that I started being called "Maestra Amanda" and the name stuck.
36.  While I had good grades in high school, I was only accepted to 1 college/university.
37.  I can remember conversations that I had years ago, but can't remember to do something unless I write it down.
38.  I have every channel in our basic cable line-up (70) memorized.
39.  I try to work in Super Trooper or South Park references into everyday conversation.
40.  I've already made 1 Super Trooper reference, see if you can find it.
41.  I have the sense of humor of a 6th grade boy.
42.  I get tongue-tied when I have to speak in front of groups of colleagues. My face gets red and I have trouble getting my words out. 
43.  I'm very honest.
44.  I collect Robert Sabuda pop-up books and old cameras.
45.  My birthday is June 18.  See above for gift ideas.
46.  My favorite store is Target as its always clean, organized and well lit.
47.  People often confuse my shyness with anger or disinterest.  But thats not the case, I'm really either just scoping out the situation or waiting for you to make the first move. 
48.  My ultimate top jobs would be:  prom or wedding dress model, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream tester, or paid reader.  Preferably not at the same time.
49.  One day, my husband and I will have kids, and the thought both thrills and terrifies me. 
50.  I could drink Pepsi for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I didn't have to worry about the extra calories and rotted teeth.

Whew!  I made it!  haHA!  If there is anything else you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. I didn't read all 50 of your facts but I saw some interesting ones there.

    Haha, Ben and Jerry's ice cream tester... I'd happily do that too!

    I will have a look to see whether you put your own photographs on your blog... some people have the most brilliant pictures.

    Have fun with ArmchairBEA! (and good luck with the tests).

  2. I think it's cool that you named your iPad...I named my Kindle "Sparky."

    ABC has a bad habit of cancelling shows I love!


  3. Haha, loved your facts! I love Nutella as well :)

  4. I loved Pushing Daises! I miss it so much. I need to get them on DVD!

  5. Loved your list! The ipad name is very creative and so fun! I'm a recovering Kane fan (back when he wore the mask...long long ago). I don't have TV. conscious decision - weird I know!

  6. I love Robin Hood as well, it is one of the most underrated of them all :) Also, you said becoming a parent terrifies you. No need, it is basically the most fun/awesome/amazing thing ever. I have a red head in he midst of the terrible 2s and I can still say that :)

    -Kate the Book Buff
    The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

  7. That's a lot of facts! I too would like to be an ice cream tester. Welcome to Armchair BEA!

  8. LOVE THE LIST! Just a few comments on it - hells yeah DVR is like the best thing ever; kids are both terrifying and terrifying..wait, was it thrilling and terrifying?; change Pepsi to Coke and you have me. :) Nice to meet you!

    ~ Trisha @ eclectic / eccentric

  9. Impressive list! I love the colour pink too - although I tend to pair it with lime green! Yes I know, quite possibly an acquired taste! I've never played softball but as a kid I used to collect the softballs that teams would hit into the shrubs behind the pitch!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - have a great week!

  10. Wow! You got to 50! I should try would probably take forever. I'm excited to find a new book blogger/teacher! Where did you teach in Chicago? I work in District U-46. I work with kids who are deaf and hard of hearing as an itinerant teacher. I speak Spanish, too! :) Glad to find you!

  11. It was SO hard coming up with 50! I originally was going to do 100, but when I got to 47 I knew I couldn't get many more!

    I worked in district 75, mundelein at the jumpstart program. We lived in Gurnee, right by six flags. It made an easy commute for both of us (my husband was stationed at great lakes at the time). My sister is hard of hearing, so I've always appreciated the care and hard work you put in your job.


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