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05 January 2011

Review of "Ruby Valentine Saves the Day"

 Ruby just moved to a new home, high in the mountains above Heartland, and since Valentine's Day (her favorite holiday) is coming up, she decides to invite her new neighbors from the town below.  However, a snowstorm keeps everyone in town.  What will Ruby do?
With her trusty sidekick, Lovebird, Ruby decides that if the townspeople can't come to her party, she'll bring her party to them.  But, along the way, they lose all the cards, decorations and cake that makes Valentine's Day parties fun.  Because of this mishap, Ruby learns the spirit of the holiday.

What I liked about the book:
1,  That it rhymed / was a poem.
2.  The illustrations.
3.  The different themes that you could teach with it, such as Valentine's Day, family/friends, and poetry and rhyme scheme.

What I didn't like (and I had to think hard on this one):
1.  The ending was somewhat predictable (for an adult, but probably not for a child).

Would I use this in my classroom?  YES.  I would use it as a read aloud for grades K-4, but have it on a shelf for a "free time book" for grades 5 and up.

Other details:
 Book Title:  Ruby Valentine Saves the Day
Author:  Laurie Friedman
Illustrator:  Lynne Avril
ISBN:  9780761342137
Pages:  32

1 comment:

  1. My daughter really likes this book. She likes to make valentines all year round, too.


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