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22 April 2014

{Out of the Box}: April BarkBox Review

Out of the Box is a feature I do to showcase and give a brief review of products in the subscription boxes that I receive.

Today's peak inside and brief review is of our April BarkBox.  I say "our", but it's really for Skipper and Luna.  BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs that features 5ish items specially chosen for your dog---we started at "small" (for under 20lb dogs), but I think we're going to be moving up to "medium" (20-50lb dogs) next month.  Luna weighs 25lbs now!

A portion of Barkbox's proceeds go to shelter dogs, or you can order one to be sent to a shelter dog.  Barkbox offers subscriptions for 3 months ($24/month), 6 months ($19/month) or year ($18/month).  However, if I remember correctly, you aren't billed each month, you're billed once at the beginning of each cycle, and this is what the cost per month works out to be.  If you would like to join Barkbox, feel free to use my subscription code (and help me work on earning free boxes).

Here is this month's Barkbox (and Luna in the background checking it out).  As you can see (or maybe not, I didn't pick the best color to make my numbers), there are 5 items in this month's box.

1.  Barkworthies
            Since Luna always claims the toy, I like giving the special bully stick to Skipper.  However, he has dental issues and can't always chew harder treats.  I couldn't find the specific one online, but it's about $5-12 each. 

2.  Etta Says Roasted Duck Meat Treats
             This is a treat both dogs love!  Skipper doesn't even have to be reminded to sit before he gets his cookie.  Luna, on the other hand, will dance around you trying to get both.  $9.49             

3.  Quaker Pet Group Pink Elephant Toy
                Like I said, Luna always claims the toy.  She loves this pink elephant thing.  It took her two days to chew through the side to open up the stitches so she could remove the stuffing.  She likes it so much that I just took the stuffing (and squeaker) out so she could continue playing with it.

4.  Off-Leash Complete Natural Nutrition (Smokey Beef Flavor)
                I haven't tried this treat yet, we've been using the Etta Says treats.  $5.99

5.  Mr. Barksmith's Carrot Cake Smoothie
                 I have not yet given this to either dog yet.  I guess I'll just split it between the two bowls, because I DO NOT want a fight over this. 

Displaying photo 3.JPG
GIVE ME MY TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like that everything in the box is natural.  I used to laugh at those dog food commercials where the owners were like, "I only feed all natural food to my dogs.", but I get it.  I gotta keep these guys healthy. 

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