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02 November 2013

Celebrate this week!

Celebrate is a weekly link up hosted by Ruth Ayres of Discover.  Play.  Build.  in which you celebrate your small (or large) victories for the week.  It kind of reminds me of the #schooljoy hashtag from last year, but instead of blogging something every day, it's a weekly round up.  You can follow the hashtag on twitter #celebratelu or link up on Ruth's blog.

This week:
1.  Luna came to school in her Halloween costume:
Our school mascot is the "Buzzy Bee", so of course, Luna had to come as a bee...

2.  I went to a Stampin' Up party and had the best time!  This is a crafty thing that I can do!  

3.  I donated books to my school to use as giveaways on the morning announcements (every morning, the guidance counselor draws a name of a child who won the book for the day.)

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