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27 August 2013

Review: The King of Little Things by Bil Lepp

In a long ago world of vast kingdoms lives a king who happily reigns over all things small. He has all he needs and doesn’t want for more. This is not so for King Normous, who wants to be Ruler of All the World. He erases empires and raids realms. When Normous learns that the King of Little Things still rules over his tiny kingdom, he sends an army to defeat him. But he soon finds out he cannot outfight or outwit a king who holds sway over the small things of the world.
It's not often that I start a review with, "This book was just so cute!  I loved it!  It's so awesome!  You should read it!"  In fact, I don't think I've ever started a review with those words.  I may allude to those ideas, but I generally want my readers to draw their own conclusions based on what arguments I make in my review.  NOT THIS TIME!  This time, I'm telling it straight. 

First, I loved the story, which was cute.  Who would have thought little things had a king?  And not a tyrannical king, but a kind and gentle king who instilled such loyalty from his subjects.

But I also loved the words---the alliteration, the ebb and flow of the story.  This would make an excellent read aloud book.  To me, one can tell an excellent read aloud book by how much my inner southern accent comes out.  The twangier my inner voice sounds, the cuter the book.  (I've worked hard on controlling my outer voice and it's southern accent, but my inner voice....woooeee!)  I've never told anyone about my inner southern accent trick, but it works every time.  

Then, the illustrations!  So detailed and funny!  Illustrator David T. Wenzel did an excellent job.  I especially loved the seek and find list of little things to look for throughout the book.  That level of detail just adds to the engagement and enjoyment of the reader.

Thank you to Peachtree Publishers for sending me a review copy of The King of Little Things by Bil Lepp.

And please make sure you visit the other stops on The King of Little Things blog tour!

And, check out the author, Bil Lepp's, blog for more fun stuff!


  1. I love the "seek & find" items, too... makes it plain fun for kids.

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