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14 May 2013

Review: Crystal City Lights by Holly Moulder

Product Details 
 Dottie Zorn is twelve years old in 1943, living in Audubon NJ, when her German-born father is accused of plotting to aid the Nazis. The only evidence against him? A single handbill, displaying pictures of Adolf Hitler, found by the FBI in Dottie s closet. The Zorn family must move from their comfortable home to a tiny cottage in the Internment Camp for Enemy Aliens in Crystal City, Texas. Surrounded by ten-foot, barbed wire fences and armed guards, Dottie uncovers a terrible secret about her best friend s family a secret that could cost her younger brother his life.

I will admit, I did not know that we had German internment camps in the US.  I knew there were Japanese camps during WWII.  I guess I never thought about it.  And now that I sit here to write this, I realize we're still doing it today...but that's a whole 'nother issue for another time.

Dottie is a girl after my own heart, always writing, loves Nancy Drew, and her family.  But she is 12.  She is a child, and children sometimes make mistakes.  I think my favorite aspect of the story is that her parents recognize this, and don't scold or make her feel bad for her childish mistakes.  They help her see what she should have done instead by talking about it and love.  

 My favorite character though is Burk, Dottie's little brother.  He's an "all-American boy" (that's what some characters call him...I won't say who or why b/c that's a spoiler!).  He likes playing jokes on people, and again, when he makes mistakes, his family responds with love and support, not anger.

 I was sent this book by Blue Marlin Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I'd like to thank BMP and Francine Poppo Rich for the book.

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  1. Thank you, Amanda, for your kind review! I must admit Burk is my favorite character, too. He's based on my younger brother who was always getting into mischief, and as the big sister, I was the one trying to keep him out of trouble! Thank you for reading Crystal City Lights! --Holly Moulder


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