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09 April 2013

Review: Stormfront (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)
 The novels of the Dresden Files have become synonymous with action-packed urban fantasy and non-stop fun. Storm Front is Jim Butcher's first novel and introduces his most famous and popular character-Harry Dresden, wizard for hire.

For his first case, Harry is called in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with the blackest of magic. At first, the less-than-solvent Harry's eyes light up with dollar signs. But where there's black magic, there's a black mage. Now, that black mage knows Harry's name. And things are about to get very...interesting.

Summary and image from Goodreads

 When I heard about this series, I was so excited!  An adult wizard named Harry who is BA.  I'm so there!  I put it on hold at the library, and wouldn't you know, it came while I was finishing Game of Thrones 5, so I couldn't get it.  As luck would have it, the next person on the list was my sister, so when she finished it, she passed it on to me. 

However, I was really not that impressed.  The character of Harry is interesting, but the story itself felt kind of discombobulated.  It did not read like the first book in a series.  I felt like it read like a second book or third, where they were referencing things that happened in previous books that you should already know about.  It was just confusing.

All in all, not my favorite wizard named Harry.  I doubt I'll read any more in the series. 


  1. I wanted to love this series. I wanted to sooo bad. I read up to like book 6 in the series and then I was just done. The TV show was good though too bad it only lasted one season.

    Angela's Anxious Life

  2. this one is an awesome book to read I also wanted this book

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