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07 March 2013

Thursday #Thirstday

Thursday is now #Thirstday !  Hosted by David Etkin of Eat The Book you just post a picture of a book and a beverage you're drinking.

You would think that after about a foot of snow being dumped on us yesterday, I'd be drinking hot chocolate.  But no, I'm drinking lemonade out of my mason jar glass from Quaker Steak.  'Cause that's how I roll.  And my hopes DID come true, I stopped by the library on Monday and was able to pick up  A DANCE WITH DRAGONS (GoT 5) so I could have it during our time off!  Sadly, even though we got around a foot of snow, I think we're going to go back tomorrow (and it's a half day already, they should just give us a courtesy day!) 

And this is how Skipper rolls in the snow.  I got a video of him hopping around yesterday (and ok, peeing), but it's still a cute video!
 What does your Thursday  #thirstday look like?

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