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16 February 2013

If I had $100

Inspired by Andi, of Andi's ABC's (Accessories, Books and Clothes) post, Monopoly Money Monday (and a Barenaked Ladies song), I thought, "What if I had $100 to spend?  What books or bookish things would I buy?"

I'm going to try to make this a weekly post, usually on Saturdays, because, let's face it, I can spend $100 on books/bookish things REALLY quickly and easily!  And, if I go over, there's always next Saturday!

Of course, there are no shipping charges or tax.  It's my fantasy money, and I've decided!  

Clicking on the image *should* take you directly to that link.  Unless its noted, that site is amazon.

This week, it's all about Game of Thrones.
Product Details
 This was on my list, but Aaron bought it for me for Valentines Day!  So, I'm crossing it off my list!  thank you, hon!

Product Details
Game of Thrones box set, season 2.  $39.96 (not released until 2/19)

I'd love to pretend to pre-order Season 3, but, there isn't a graphic for that, and the price hasn't been released, but I'm guessing that it will be $39.99 (since that is close to what the first two seasons are).
Product Details
So, we'll go for the box set of books 1-4.  Please, we all know I'm going to reread them.  $21.03

Total: $100.98  (I found the 98 cents on the floor of my car/bottom of my purse.)

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