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24 January 2013

I did it!

That's right!  I did it!  Did what you might ask?  I used that fancy duct tape to make bulletin board letters using the die cut machine.  (and I didn't even see it on Pinterest...though it probably is).

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Anyway, I even impressed the super-crafty Pinteresty teacher at my school.  So you KNOW its an awesome idea.

So what I did was cover 5x7 size index cards with my fancy duct tape (pictured below).  It takes two strips of tape to cover the card lengthwise (you don't want a billion little short strips!).  I took the time to line up the colored zigzags, because it would bother me that they were off.

Then, I marched my happy self down to the workroom and cut out letters on the dye-cut machine.

Below is the finished product. 

It really wasn't hard and it makes for so much cuter letters than plain construction paper!


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  2. I absolutely love this idea. NICE!!!

  3. And more durable, too! Of course, the workroom aids at my old school would have freaked if I used something other than paper in the machine ...

  4. I love to see when people do things from pinterest!! So fun!

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