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13 December 2012

Thursday #Thirstday

Thursday is now #Thirstday !  Hosted by David Etkin of Eat The Book you just post a picture of a book and a beverage you're drinking.

The Blogger app for the iPhone is turning out to be a pain in my rear.  I can't figure out how to work it.  I insert my pic but then can't save as a draft.  I save this part as a draft and then can't insert my pic.  I need a tutorial, or it needs a swift kick.

So, I tried...again.  It didn't work...again.  I had to do it the old way (which is type the post, take the picture and email it to myself, save the pic to my computer and then upload it).  What a pain in the rear.  Can someone please explain to me how to work the blogger app?

Anyway, this week, I'm drinking Starbucks hot chocolate out of my pretty snowflake travel mug (its so warm here!  I need it to get me in the wintery mood!) and reading Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger (and proudly using my mustache pencil topper).

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