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10 December 2012

{25 Days of Holiday Book Reviews}: Stranger in the Woods

Today's guest poster is none other than my good reading buddy and penpal, Miss Adie!  Adie is Britta's younger daughter (and Riley's younger sister).  Adie and I have similar tastes in books.  I was so happy to come home from work to find a letter from Adie telling me about her favorite book, and hope that she forgives me for not writing back right away!  :(  Adie is writing today about a wonderful picture book, Stranger in the Woods.

Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy
Image from Goodreads

  Stranger in the Woods
by Carl E. Sams II and Jean Stoick
Review By Adie Grass 
   Stranger in the Woods is a very interesting story that takes you to a forest where the creatures, including a chick-a-dee-dee, take you on an adventure to encounter a stranger in the woods!  I won’t say who the stranger is, but the animals like him in the end. 
   I mostly read this book when the winter holidays are here. I love the photos of the animals. Most stories have drawn pictures. This story has photographs of real animals in the winter. Its various photos are amazing and you can see every detail. I also love its characters like a handsome, young buck and a funny porcupine munching on antlers. When I was littler I always enjoyed how real the animals were. I always thought about a real rabbit, scared silly to see if the stranger was real (especially when my mom would make the voices different for all the characters).
  Who do I suggest this book to? Families with children who don’t see snow or woods much.  Little kids will love the pictures and the funny characters. Older children who are studying photography would love to study this book for photo class, too.  I love this book. I hope other people will love it after reading this book review written by a ten year old. – Adie Grass, fateful reviewer.

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  1. That cover is so cute! It put a smile on my face!


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