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12 December 2012

{25 Days of Holiday Book Reviews}: Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

Today's guest poster is Margo Jantzi, a librarian from the next county down from me (though I didn't know it at the time I first found her on twitter).  I knew that Margo worked in Virginia, but assumed that it was Northern Virginia (near DC) as that's where most people live.  It wasn't until last spring when Donalyn Miller came to James Madison to speak that I met Margo in person.  Turns out she works with a lady that used here at my school and they attended the workshop together.  Margo is very passionate about books and reading and connecting kids with the right book.  I hope you enjoy her post today about Pete the Cat Saves Christmas!  You'll want to read the whole thing as Margo has graciously decided to hold a giveaway of the book (and you'll need to scroll down for the rules and how to enter bit!)

Eric Litwin has done it again in his fourth Pete the Cat book. Pete the Cat gives it his all as he fills in for the ill Santa. Our PreK and Kindergarteners get his positive message of no matter how small you can make a difference. The rhythmic text and tune connect with our students. I’ve shared a short clip of our Cub Run Elementary students’ response to this charming holiday book.

In the spirit of giving, I’d like to send a complimentary copy of Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Eric Litwin to a fortunate commenter.  Leave a brief comment about a time that someone gave it his/her all and made a difference in your life.

Like Margo said, please leave a comment about a time that someone gave it his/her all and made a difference in your life (and include your email, please!  I'll contact you for your address if you win and give that info to Margo).  Please, this is open to those 13 years old or older.  The giveaway will run from today (12/12) until Saturday (12/15).  On Saturday, I'll use (a random number generator) to pick the winner.  Then I'll email the winner asking for their address.  Once I have that, I'll email it to Margo. 

Thank you, Margo for your review and giveaway! 


  1. My English teacher in 10th grade, Mr. Wallace, stepped in and went to bat for me over an opinion piece in the student newspaper. I wrote the piece in response to a growing number of complaints about a frequent substitute and his verbal mistreatment and unfair punishment of kids. I followed protocol, kept the offender anonymous and still walked in to my newspaper classroom one day to find the sub leaning angrily across Mr. Wallace's desk and demanding to know who I was. Mr. Wallace went to the principal for me, stood up for my rights, and the sub never worked at our high school again.

  2. Thanks so much, Margo (and Amanda)! My copy of Pete the Cat Saves Christmas came in today, and I LOVE it!!


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