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17 November 2012

Be a giver...

Last year, if you remember, I was a book giver for World Book Night.  I gave away 30 copies of The Hunger Games at my local high school.  I'm applying to do it again this year, and *fingers crossed* will be able to pass out books at the elementary school where I work.

So what is World Book Night?
Basically, its a day (night) to spread the love of reading.  It is held on April 23 annually (the birthday of both Miguel Cervantes and William Shakespeare).  All you have to do is apply, tell them your top 3 choices of books (from the list provided) and they will send you books to pass out to people!  You pay NOTHING!  It is a way to promote reading to those who don't always like to read.

Like I said, last year, I passed books out at the high school.  I saw that people stood on street corners, left copies on park benches, stood on college campuses, gave them out on the subway.  You can pass them out just about anywhere you'd like (though I wouldn't recommend a pool or waterpark...the books, and you, might get wet!)

That sounds pretty stinkin' awesome!  How do I apply?  Click here , check out the list of books, plan where you'd like to pass them out, and be ready to answer some pretty easy questions on the sign-up form.


  1. You're damn right that sounds pretty stinkin' awesome. Best thing ever! I'm going to apply. Honestly have no idea why I haven't heard of this before. Must have been living under a rock . . .

    1. Nah, I didn't know about it last year until a day before applications were due! You should do it though, it's a great idea/organization!


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