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12 September 2012

{9/12} my #schooljoy

I have a couple #schooljoy 's for today (shocker, I usually do)

1.  I try to make reading as fun as I possibly, especially the not-so-fun stuff like Timed Repeated Readings.  So, I thought of doing what I call "Reading Stamina Strips".  Basically, you do the timed repeated reading but, if you pass the number you read previously, you get a strip to add to your chain.  Once you get 10 strips, you can get a prize.  THE KIDS WENT CRAZY FOR THIS!   

2.  That new girl from yesterday, she's mine! 

3.  We're starting a "Biggest Loser" club at school.  I'm really excited because not only am I on a team with my friends, but like the kids with the reading stamina strips, I just need a little something to motivate me!  Competitions do that.  
4.  At my school, you learn about Virginia history in 4th grade.  One class of my kiddos is learning a rap, and they are just the darn cutest things! 

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