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10 September 2012

{9/10} my #schooljoy

*Let me preface this by saying that we had a quite a few 4th and 5th grade teachers not return to our school this year (for various reasons).  I was a little apprehensive placing my students as I didn't know who "my babies" were going to be with, and I didn't know their style and compassion level. 

We lucked out.  I couldn't BE happier with who my kids are with (say that in the Chandler Bing voice, I know I did).

One class in particular, (4th grade), has this wonderful make-up of ELL, SPED and "regular" kids.  (And that's not be being sarcastic.)  They get along, they work well together, they joke and tease, they help each other (sometimes more than they need to), they are happy, and they're learning!  

I don't have any kids (yet), but I think of these guys as my babies.  They are MY kids.  I would do just about anything for them.  I get them for 3 years, so we have that bond.  I can't tell you how happy these new teachers make me.  I imagine this is what you moms and dads out there feel when your kid is matched with the right teacher. 

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