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25 July 2012

Review: Penguin's Hidden Talent by Alex Latimer

Penguin's Hidden Talent 
Image and summary from Amazon:
All of Penguin's friends are excited about the upcoming talent show, but Penguin can t seem to figure out what his talent is. He tries juggling appliances with Bear, doing magic tricks with Rabbit, and burping the alphabet with Fox, but he doesn't seem to be good at any of it. Stuck behind the scenes organizing, Penguin leaves the contest saddened, the only one who hasn't received a medal. His friends decide to throw him a party to make him feel better, but their festivities fizzle. That s when Penguin discovers he might have some special skills after all as he sets to work planning them all the best party ever.  

I won this book thanks to Peachtree Publishers and ArmchairBEA, and would like to say a huge "Thank you!" to both!  It unfortunately doesn't come out until August 1, but its one that you will want to check out!  

I really enjoyed this book.  It was simple, but with such a great story:  Penguin would like to join his friends and perform in the talent show.  However, it doesn't seem like he has any talents.  So, to stay involved, he volunteers to organize the whole she-bang...and does a wonderful job!  

It does take a special talent to organize and keep things running.  Not everyone can be the rock star or the pro-athlete, and unfortunately, those are talents that people think of first.  But the person who gets the rock star those gigs/cds/etc is just as talented.  I am the organizer, my husband, the star.  And believe me, it takes a lot to keep him organized!  (He's my 3rd full time job---after the one that pays and blogging!)   

I like that this book explores and explains that everyone is talented in their own way.  Kids need to see that.  It floors me that Mr. Latimer could do it in 25ish pages!  

Like I said, this is one that you'll want to pick up (or at least check out from the library!) on August 1st. 

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  1. I'm so glad you like it as much as I do! Sometimes I feel like the Penguin too. Did I say 'sometimes'? I meant every day. :D We rock star organizers gotta stick together!


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