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20 July 2012

Contest winner!

Since today is my sister, Allison's, birthday, and she was nice enough to write that guest post about how she was terrified of the automatons in Clockwork Angel (seriously, she won't touch A Clockwork Prince and is iffy on anything steampunk now), I have a copy of  Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare to give away.

Product Details 

In my head (and now in cyberspace), I'd called this the "Share Your Weird Fear" Contest, since that's all you had to do to enter.  Allison and I would choose the "best" weird fear.  

So I totally had this post written up except for the winner, forgot that I had it scheduled and it posted without me posting the winner! ya go!

The winner is..............Leah Krueger!

who writes:
Ok I am up on this challenge! While my husband is most afraid of spiders (he has woken me up sleep-talkin/walking and pushed me out of our bed to save me from the spiders) my silliest fear is a little more...botanical. I am scared to death of poison ivy. In fact, just recently (when I thought I had come in contact with the stuff) I bathed in rubbing alcohol repeatedly over a 6-hour period to try and avoid actually breaking date, I am having phatom itching episodes, but no rashes...yet! :)

Thanks for sharing and congratulations!  

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