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04 April 2012

Deep Thoughts on Harry Potter (part 1)

As I was typing that title, I kept saying, "Deep thoughts...with Jack Handy" (from SNL)...and then I realized I was probably the only one who got that reference....

Anyway, as I'm listening to all the Harry Potter books on audio, I have some questions / deep thoughts that I figured you may be able to help me out with:

1.  What happened to Harry's paternal grandparents?  Was James an orphan?  Did HE (James) have no other suitable relatives Harry could live with?
2.  Why in the world did Dumbledore hire Guilderoy Lockhart?  He is obviously NOT highly qualified.
3.  How did the muggle-born students figure out where Diagon Alley was and how to get in?
4.  How did the Dursley's manage to send Harry Christmas presents via owl?  How did the owl know to go pick them up?

More to come as I think of them.....(and get further along in the books)

1 comment:

  1. I had never even considered these things but these are really great questions! You wouldn't think that the Dursley's would even want to send Harry presents. -Kacie


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