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25 February 2012

This week on Pinterest

This week on pinterest is a weekly posting I like to do highlighting my favorite pins of the week.

Pinterest is an website designed for you to "pin" websites, photos, ideas, videos, etc to "boards"---makes it easier to remember.  If you're on pinterest already, click that button over there ---> to follow me.  If you aren't on pinterest and would like to be, leave a comment with your email and I'll see what I can do...

Last night, my husband and I were lucky enough to go see one of my favorite bands, Flogging Molly, in concert.  Their CD's are great, but live, they are phenomenal!  Flogging Molly is an Irish-punk band, who fuse traditional Irish instruments and sounds with driving punk guitar/drums and lyrics. 

Anyway, because we went to the concert last night, my pins this week are of Flogging Molly:
our tickets
Drunken my opinion, their best album, but the new one is pretty good, too
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
The band
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
A video of one of my favorite songs

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