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28 February 2012

Review: About Habitats: Oceans

Learning about habitats is a Virginia state science standard (SOL--does not stand for *** outta luck, rather Standard of Learning) for a ton of grade levels.  When I saw About Habitats: Oceans by Cathryn Sill in the Peachtree Publishers spring catalog, I thought, "Hey, this should be a good one to look at!"  I love it when I'm right.
Here is the summary from Amazon:
Award-winning author Cathryn Sill and her husband, noted wildlife illustrator John Sill, offer young readers a first glimpse into ocean habitats. In simple, easy-to-understand language, this guide teaches children what oceans are and what kinds of animals and plants live there. A glossary and afterword provide readers with further fascinating details.

I really thought this was an interesting read.  The text (the meat) of the story was in easy to read, kid friendly terms, with short sentences and awesome illustrations (more on that later).  But then--when you flip to the afterword, there are all sorts of facts about each page, giving even more detail and information.  The language in the afterword isn't as easy to follow, but I feel like that section is for either someone (an adult) to read to the child or a child who is really interested in oceans to read. and that the meat of the story is really for anyone to read and enjoy.

The illustrations by John Sill are just top notch, with wonderful details and really fit the text.  They're so good that I'd be happy framing them and hanging them on my walls (we do have a nautical theme going on in my house).

All in all, a great book.  I can't wait to share it in my classroom.

*I'd like to thank Peachtree Publishers for sending me a copy to read and review.  I really appreciate it.*


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