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11 January 2012

Where in the World Are You Wednesdays

Where in the World Are You? Wednesdays is a posting hosted by Musings of a Book Lover.  You take a book that you are currently reading, and tell us where in the world "you" are! 

I'm reading "Ripper" by Amy Carol Reeves.  I thought I'd include the summary from Goodreads:
A paranormal mystery involving London’s most notorious killer

In 1888, following her mother’s sudden death, seventeen-year-old Arabella Sharp goes to live with her grandmother in a posh London neighborhood. At her grandmother’s request, Abbie volunteers at Whitechapel Hospital, where she discovers a passion for helping the unfortunate women and children there.

But within days, female patients begin turning up brutally murdered at the hands of Jack the Ripper. Even more horrifying, Abbie starts having strange visions that lead her straight to the Ripper’s next massacres. As her apparent psychic connection with the twisted killer grows stronger, Abbie is drawn into a deadly mystery involving the murders, her mother’s shadowed past, and a secret brotherhood of immortals—who’ll stop at nothing to lure Abbie into its “humanitarian” aims.

So, where am I?
1888, London and loving it!

Thanks to Musings of a Booklover for hosting! 


  1. Hi Amanda, Thanks for playing along! It's good to see this on another site! I love London... at any time, it seems! Muck in the streets, polite civility on the parlours, intrigue in Whitehall... it's ALL good! Looking forward to what you have to say about this book!

  2. oooh this post looks like fun! I'll try it out next week >.<


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