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28 January 2012

This week on Pinterest

This week on Pinterest is a weekly posting I like to do (usually a little earlier on Saturday than 8pm...oh well!) that highlights my favorite pins of the week.  Pinterest is site that allows you to save (or pin) pictures/links/etc to various boards (to keep them organized).

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This week, since we're in the middle of the winter that never was (seriously, what does a girl have to do to get a snowday around here?!?!?!), I thought I'd share some snow pins:

snow cream ingredients (sub regular milk for the nature's promise)
If you're currently in a place that is enjoying an actual winter, I'm jealous.  Enjoy it!


  1. As a fellow Virginian, I'm thinking the same thing! What happened to winter? Did we just decide to skip that all together? Perhaps we paid in snow beyond enough a couple years ago? Still sore from all the snow shoveling that happened that year... Haha.

    Anyway, hopefully we'll get our snow soon!

    1. I'm so sorry I complained about the snow 2 years ago. I just didn't realize that it was going to be two years worth of snow in 2 weeks!
      I hope it snows soon!


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