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26 November 2011

Review: The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Evil Penguin Plan

I was checking out NetGalley one night and ran across a series of graphic novels called "The Flying Beaver Brothers" by Maxwell Eaton and was instantly interested.  And then when I read the summary and found that the penguins surfed, I had to read it!  It just sounded like a load of fun, and it was!

Here is the summary from the NetGalley press kit:
The debut title in an action-packed graphic novel series about two beaver brothers who will save the world (or at least Beaver Island)!
Meet Ace and Bub, the flying beaver brothers! Ace loves extreme sports and is always looking for a new adventure. Bub loves napping and, well, napping. But when penguins threaten to freeze Beaver Island for "resort and polar-style living," the brothers put their talents to work saving their tropical island paradise. Can they save Beaver Island from environmental destruction? And can they do it in time to still win the annual Beaver Island Surfing Competition?

The story was so cute!  Ace and Bub are just a couple of regular beavers, living the beach-bum lifestyle.  Until the penguins come and try to take over their island.  Not only do Ace and Bub foil their plan, but they teach some renegade penguins how to surf.

As with most graphic novels, most of the story comes from the illustrations, rather than the words, and holds true here.  

All in all, it was a quick, cute read.  Look for this to be out in January.

*I downloaded this copy for free thanks to NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.*

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