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16 November 2011

Happy Haulidays from Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is hosting their Annual Happy Haulidays celebration.  What that means is, they are giving $500 worth of Chronicle Books to a lucky blogger (fingers crossed) and $500 worth of books to one lucky commenter on the winning blog post!  And, the winning blogger gets to send $500 worth of books to their favorite charity!  What a wonderful way to spread the love of reading---not to mention the holiday cheer it adds to someone's day.

To enter, (if you are a blogger):  create a list of $500 worth of Chronicle Books that you want and post.  Also, tell what charity you'd like to donate to and why they are worthy.  Let your readers know that one lucky commenter gets $500 worth of books of their choice.  Fill out the entry form here .

If you aren't a blogger, still go to that site and you can see a list of participating blogs (so you can leave comments on them and increase your chance of winning!)

The charity that I'd like to donate $500 worth of Chronicle Books to is Ashby Lee Elementary School's library.  It is a rural, low income (Title 1) school, which means more than 50% of students receive free and reduced lunch.  There are not many opportunities for children to have books at home, and I would love to bolster the library.

The Chronicle Books that I'd love to receive can be found here, or typed here:

I really would like to thank Chronicle Books for hosting this wonderful event!   And, don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win! 


  1. Looks like a great list. Isn't dreaming fun?

  2. This sounds like it's going to be an amazing event! I want to join in and will be posting up something soon. Thanks for the heads up and I hope you win!


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