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10 June 2011

Mental Movie: Dark Goddess

Ok, so I'm in the middle of reading Dark Goddess by Sarwat Chadda, the second book in the Billi SanGreal series.  I love love loved the first book (Devil's Kiss) and so far, am really enjoying Dark Goddess.

Anyway, I decided to cast a mental movie of some of the characters, just for fun.  The books are set in Britain (and Dark Goddess visits Russia), so I'm going to try to keep the actors native speakers, but sometimes I just can't do that (and they can hire a dialect coach).

Vanessa Hudgens as Billi SanGreal (we'll hire her a dialect coach.  I also realize she is not of Pakistani descent, but this is who I pictured in my head, I'm sorry.)

Liam Neeson as Arthur SanGreal
Tom Felton as Kay

Abigail Breslin as Vasilisa (but in my mind, its the Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine)

Jason Statham as Gwaine

Vincent Cassel as Lance

I couldn't picture anyone in particular playing Ivan, Koshchey or Elaine.  I'm sorry.

Who did you cast in your mental movie?


  1. Ah! Squee! Tom Felton!! :)

    I love this post. ;) I honestly usually have a really hard time casting celebrities for books I've read. I usually just insert people I know in real life! Hah.

  2. Sometimes I do that, too. Usually, it ends up being "that guy, who was in that know the one I'm talking about..." But I figured I should try to get specifics :)

  3. Totally agree with your choice (esp. Vincent Cassel who was EXACTLY who I had in mind when I wrote Lance!)BUT, while I love Liam, it was James Purefoy for Art.


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